Our Story

A small but mighty collection of handmade scented candles

Little changes make big impacts

Your happy place is just a flicker away

Lighting a candle can transform a room. Shifting your perspective can lighten your mood. Taking the time to savor and celebrate life’s little
moments are the beliefs that guide The Lys Collective, and the feelings we want to pass along to our loyal customers when they invite us into their space.

From the founder

The Lys Collective is a product of my desire to create a cozy home and share my own small way of coping. As the monotony of 2020 quarantine set in, I inadvertently began using candles to separate my day.

One in the morning while drinking coffee and checking emails, another for a lunch time yoga break, yet another while cooking dinner. Burning candles became a way for me to bring some sense of routine and normalcy back into my life.

Drawing inspiration from the Danish tradition of Hygge, my goal is to reflect how the simple act of lighting a candle can change a mood, brighten a day, and be a reminder that you can find comfort even in uncertain times.

The light that guides us

Your home is your sanctuary. A place where you can host your friends and family or retreat with solitude and creature comforts. Our goal in creating The Lys Collective is to foster an atmosphere where you feel happy, connected and cozy no matter what the occasion.

Lys, pronounced “leese” is the Danish word for light. It was chosen as a name to pay homage to the Danish culture and hygge, which inspired this little candle company, and to capture our objective : to share a bit of light with you in whatever form we can.

As work began turning this passion into a brand, a focus on sustainability, ethical sourcing, and social responsibility was crucial. Thus, The Lys Collective, was born.


noun (hyoo·guh)

Hygge is a Danish word used to express that indescribable feeling of warmth, contentment, and coziness. The Lys Collective draws from this feeling, and it’s our mission to create more moments that bring hygge to you.

We’ve curated scents that inspire feelings of comfort, and aim to add graceful simplicity to your home. When you light a candle of your own, or give a candle to someone you love, you’re creating something special: a moment, a space, a memory. As simple as it sounds, this break in time might be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

A brand built on transformation

Our candles characterize the notion that even the smallest changes can make a difference,  both in our homes and for the environment. With fundamental roots in the Danish tradition of Hygge – slowing down, shifting perspectives, and finding moments to savor and celebrate are our essence.

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